Cape Town Tours




Full day sightseeing of the Cape Peninsula includes: Mini- cruise to the Duiker Island, Hout Bay, to see the brown seal colony which are also called, Cape fur seal. They occur alongside of our coast, from Cape Cross, in Namibia, to Black Rocks of Port Elizabeth, in Eastern Cape; we visit the Cape Point, the most South-Westerly point. As we enter the nature reserve, within the Table Mountain National Park, a declared Natural World Heritage, there lies an opportunity to spot buck, ostrich, Cape Mountain Zebra or any of the 250 species of birds, recorded on this land. Certain times of a year, there is a possibility of seeing whales, or dolphins, if lucky, from the distance. On our return we drive through the naval village Simons Town, Boulders Beach, to see penguin colony. The penguins may be sited at some other spot, nevertheless, this seems to be their favourite beach, where they feel secure to nest and to feed their chicks.The approach to the protected area boasts beautiful houses of residential area. On the designated pass you will encounter open market and arts & crafts from different parts of the African Continent. There are few coastal restaurants; Beach which is hard to resist, shop which seals natural products / creams made from Aloe Ferox and delicious soft ice cream shop. Simons Town has started developing at the start of 18th century, the spirit it maintained through its architecture, cultural heritage and numerous national monuments.
Leaving in the morning, between 8h00 and 8h30. Return around 17h00. It is inclusive of all the entrance fees, the boat ride, guided in English (Spanish and German depending on availability of our free-lanceguides).Lunch own account ( can be included and may become, very well, part of itineraries for groups and it time of public holidays )





Travel alongside the western coast of Cape Peninsula, passing through Sea Point, Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno and Hout Bay. Express visit of Table Mountain Nature Reserve and the Cape Point, to see where the two currents merge.
Leaving in the morning, between 8h00 and 8h30. Return between 12h00 and 13h00 (afternoon tour: From 14hoo till 18h00. Inclusive of the entrance fee to the Nature Reserve. Lunch at own account. Guided in English (Spanish and German upon availability of our free-lanceguides).This tour does not include mini cruise to Duiker Island in Hout Bay or Penguin Colony in Symons Town. You may consider this tour rather than the previous one, should you be left with fewer days, in Cape Town, on the way to / from the International Airport. We strongly recommend Full Day Cape Of Good Hope if you stay more than two days in Cape Town.





Orientational Tour of the historic Cape Town. Pass through: Bo Kaap, where, some of the first slaves lived, today, part of our Indian population lives. There is a small local museum, narrow streets one can explore, admiring the beauty of some of the oldest Muslim places of worship. If you appreciate oriental food well spiced up, we can recommend Biesmiellah, family run, unpretentious, fair priced with friendly atmosphere. However it is Halal, no alcohol is served there; Government Gardens: Parliament, National Gallery, the Sinagogue, South African Museum, Castle of Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain ( if open, weather depending ), Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. If you do enjoy gardening, beauty of flora and are in search of peace within the urban buzz, take your time to enjoy the walk and the smells of more than 7000 species of plants.
Leaving in the morning, between 8h00 and 8h30. Return between 12h00 and 13h00. Leaving in the afternoon between 13h00 and 13h30. Return before 18h00.It includes entrance fee to the Botanical Gardens. Excludes cable cart for the Table Mountain, entrances to the museums and lunch. It is conducted in English (Spanish and German, upon availability of our free-lanceguides).





An outing and a learning experience in the region called Boland. Feel the passion for South African wines, as you will have an opportunity to try some of them. Drive past the beautiful University town of Stellenbosch, the oldest after Cape Town, which has the largest number of national monuments and buildings in the country. According to some we have the longest wine route in the world with more than 600 wineries. It has developed production of cheeses, some of which may be organic, of low scale sale, which can be paired with wines. The same can be done with chocolates; Light lunches / basket, picnic style or with dinner in some upmarket restaurants, world renowned, in Franschhoek.
We leave in the morning, between 8h00 and 8h30. We return between 12h30 and 13h00. We leave in the afternoon, between 13h00 and 13h30. We return before 18h00. It includes: wine tasting at one wine estate. Lunch at own account. It is conducted in English (Spanish or German, upon the availability of our free lanceguides).





Experience history of the Cape , viticulture and oenology; This excursion will help you find balance between the seriousness and the depth of information concerning the story of the Cape of Good Hope and the scenery and to have a good palate for fine wines. It is a fusion of our Half Day Cape Town and Half Day Winelands, with the possibility to go up Table Mountain, in the cable cart is open.
We leave between 8h00 and 8h30AM. We come back before 17H00.We include entrance to the Botanical Gardens, wine tasting in one of the wine cellars. Lunch at own account. It excludes entrance fees to the museums, Table Mountain Cable Way. It is conducted in English (Spanish and German, upon the availability of our free lance guides).





This excision depends, entirely on weather conditions. Once you book, pay and it is confirmed on our side, bare in mind that if weather conditions change, the excursion might be cancelled few hours before it is to start. You will, then, receive your money back.
You will be fetched early in the morning, to be transferred from your hotel to the place where you will board our boat in search of the white sharks. You will be either taken to the nearest point, only 1 hour away or to the furthest point, 2 hours away. Snacks will be available on board the boat. It includes shark viewing from the deck and if conditions permit, shark cage diving. Return late afternoon. You will spend anything between two and three hours on the boat. Bring adequate clothes, suitable for rain and wind. For those absolutely interested in this activity, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee if and in which stage you might see the white shark. Sometime the current changes or weather conditions are not ideal and the captain of the boat might not allow watching from the bottom of the cage and that decision he might make while on board. If in case you suffer from sea sickness and you are part of a regular tour, with other passengers, the boat cannot go back. The ocean might not always be extremely rough but it might cause nausea and discomfort. You do not need to have any equipment of your own or any certificates. However it is not advisable to do it a day before your trip back home.