Incentive Touring

INCENTIVE TOURINGWe believe “travel” is the best incentive reward and it greatly motivates people, when doing they work the best they can.” Creativity is always stifled when people feel that they have something to lose”. For a company who organises it for their clients and employees, it is the best investment. “One of the deepest of all human hungers is the need to be cherished and understood”. “Visionary leaders understand that employees who feel they are valued members of an exciting team will go extra mile and give their best”. ‘If you reward and recognise relentlessly, they will invest their spirits in your organisation’.’ They will begin to see themselves as part of a larger whole. That is when your company will begin to be unstoppable”. Know that the growth of your company is proportional to the growth of your people”. With each and every tour, even if it is one off experience, you will enhance their growth. However, unlike cash, the value of an incentive trip is not quickly spent and forgotten. In fact, studies have shown that travel is the single most popular non-cash incentive reward, and that a travel incentive program can increase sales productivity between 10 and 20%, thinking conservatively. But performance improvement is not the only benefit of an incentive travel program. When properly planned and customized, group incentive travel can increase morale, build team spirit, improve loyalty by creating lasting memories and, especially for decentralized organizations, provide quality time for management to network with top performers.” What makes greatness is beginning something that does not end with you”. The vow would be to “create a successful present while building a brilliant future”.


Today, in order to motivate employees to invest extra efforts at work, they must be offered something more than a pleasant experience. It is not only a trip any more, but an experience on the trip which would enliven them with surprises, special moments and unusual events. The experience they cannot relive… no matter how rich they are. Being with their loved one who might be able to accompany them, would be like a cherry on the cake. The incentive travel basically implies unforgettable and entertaining trips paid by employers, with the main purpose of encouraging employees to reach challenging business goals of the company by achieving individual and/or group goals.


The incentive travel is focused on fun, food and other activities, with a slight educational tone. Depending on the size, purpose and an aim of a company who is interested in us preparing the incentive tour , it would be tailor- made, inclusive of not only air tickets but: accommodation; Conference facility; Entertainment; Excursions; Interaction; Restaurants etc. Generally, the largest buyers of incentive programs come from the automotive industry, financial services, pharmaceutical industry, office equipment industry, electronics, telecommunications, food processing and tobacco industry, etc. The incentive travel impacts those employees who have not been among the rewarded as well. When rewarded colleagues return from their trips excited and with fascinating descriptions of events and the complete experience, other colleagues will be stimulated to work harder in order to be rewarded next time.


  Advantages for employees


Everybody has the need to be respected and to belong. People feel calm, safe and satisfied when they feel wanted and important. To be rewarded a trip for your effort invested and results achieved, creates certain pride and the feeling of victory and success in the rewarded. Social status is improved, not only because he/she is recognized as a top salesperson, but because he/she is one of a few to be able to experience this special reward. One more advantage of the incentive travel for the rewarded is better understanding from their partners and family of extra time and effort they had to invest in order to be rewarded. When they take their family members on a holiday with them, the family will tolerate extra working hours more.